yii poll not working

Hi all,

I am using poll in my project. I used yii poll extension for this. i followed all the steps thery have mentioned in the tutorial but i am not able to get it running. I get the error: Object of class EPoll could not be converted to string …

Following r the steps i followed:

1)I jus added the code


to the form.



		// uncomment the following to enable the Gii tool





		 	// If removed, Gii defaults to localhost only. Edit carefully to taste.



		     'poll' => array(

       // Force users to vote before seeing results

       'forceVote' => TRUE,

       // Restrict anonymous votes by IP address,

       // otherwise it's tied only to user_id 

       'ipRestrict' => TRUE,

       // Allow guests to cancel their votes

       // if ipRestrict is enabled

       'allowGuestCancel' => FALSE,




in the config page.

3_)I added the sql file in my db as it is.

  1. I did not follow these 2 steps that were mentioned on the extension requirements :

•Setup a User active record with an integer ID returned by Yii::app()->user->id.*

•Add an anonymous user in the database with ID 0 (and either set the User ID to default to 0 in the database, or in your UserIdentity file)

Can anybody please tell me where i am going wrong and help me fix this error.

Thanks in advance.

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i also used the poll module … but it is not working fine for me… i am getting the error

The table "{{poll}}" for active record class "Poll" cannot be found in the database.

but i have imported the db file as it is …

can anyone help me to get out of this…

thanks in advance…

make sure to set your tablePrefix in you DB configuration array (even if it’s empty!)



  'db' => array(

    'tablePrefix' => ''




I hope it helps


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Remove flower brackets "{{}}" I will work.

It worked for me


Please I’m trying to use yii-poll extension but not working for me. I followed all step of this URL poll but when I try to use the module to create new polls.My sites returns error 404. All files of the extension are in the module folder.

Thanks and excuse my english.