Yii Platform


Thanks for this great Yii platform , frankly till now I’m looking for framework to build my applications.

I want to build robust, scalable , high performance and it has powerful security so is Yii have these features:

  • large size data (million of records)

  • Searching, filtering, paging … for huge number of records (is it doable by Ajax) what’s about performance?

  • daily entry huge data with multiple users (1000 users) and the same time other people execute Select SQL quiry (search)

  • Work flow in Yii? (performance)

  • chart - graph for statistic data.

so we can say Yii is a good platform for building applications as enterprise applications?

Note: of course , I know building database structure and programming process plays the main role in the overview features for the project.

can you please support me by example for these questions