yii phpmail confirm reading

public function mailsend($to,$from,$subject,$message)




    $mail->SetFrom($from, ' ');

    $mail->Subject    = $subject;

    $mail->AddAddress($to, "");

	$mail->AltBody = 'To view the message, please use an HTML compatible email viewer!';



	$mail->ConfirmReadingTo = "xxxxxx@gmail.com";

	$mail->AddReplyTo("xxxxxxx@gmail.com", "Replies for my site");




that’s my code but i can’t get any confirmation of reading in xxxxxx@gmail.com please help

What do you mean by "reading"?

Do you want to send email out or read & parse emails from inbox?

See implementation examples here and here.

I can send email without any prob but what I want is Delivery reports and read receipts

Delivery reports - you have to collect all data yourself & generate reports programmatically yourself.

Or use special service if supported by a mail service provider (e.g. sendgrid or mailchimp do support such reports, gmail does not of course).

Requesting receipt of delivery - just set parameter ConfirmReadingTo when building email for sending.

See here and mailer properties.

I am using default parameters to test this

firstly by adding headers



and also this

$mail->ConfirmReadingTo = ‘xxxxx@gmail.com’;

but it still not working

so the prob is with gmail

is there any others solutions !!!!

I want just to know if the reciepient opened email or not.

bit I don’t get anything with this