Yii & PHPLinq

Hey All,

I am using Yii for a project in which client computers will be uploading a few MB of data in XML format to the server.

The upload is no problem and working nicely ( compressed and all )

However, I’ll be starting on the task of parsing and verifying the data.

I’ve used Linq for .NET and feel it would work quit well in the parsing of the XML data. I also have come across the package PHPLinq ( hxxp://phplinq.codeplex.com/ )

Has anyone had any experience with integrating the PHPLinq package and using it with Yii?

I’d also be happy to look at any other solutions if someone has any recommendations.

Thank you

Why not use standart simplexml class for php?

Hi elbek,

After taking a look at SimpleXML I believe it’ll do just fine for what I’m trying to attempt.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.