Yii + PhpEd

I’ve just recently started into Yii, but I’ve been using the PhpED editor for some time. I’ve been searching for a way to have autocompletion for YII inside PhpED but without any luck. So I’m wondering if anyone have done this and could point me in the right way to have the yii fully integrated with PhpED.


Please provide some examples.

For example if I try to what is available at cattegories::model()->? it will give me the error "Code completion not available due to the following errors : Failed to find CActiveRecords class"

Is framework dir added to the project?

Ok, found a way to get it working. I don’t know if this is what you said about adding the yii folder to the project, but I went to the project properties and on Code Insight Includes I add the yii framework folder, now it’s working.