Yii/php Developer needed to modify script based on Yii


I am looking for a Yii/php web developer (freelance/company).

[b]I need to modify a script based on Yii :


user : user@demo.uniprogy.com

Company : company@demo.uniprogy.com

Admin : admin@demo.uniprogy.com

password : couponic

Feel free to contact me : frederic.rrr (arobase) gmail.com

[b]Main modifications are :



[/u]-Create a Landing Page with open/close function unless admin & companies ( we sell deals only few hours each day ) with smalls photos of past deals changing automaticall, Count-down, Space for marketing (why to register…), Log-in & sing-in, Static pages on footer.

-Create an automatic pop-up for register (when visitor enter landing page)

-Create a new page to show deal’s listing, 2nd deal below the first one, etc… (actually showing 2nd and 3rd deals on the right side).

-Actually deal page : Remove side deals (show only selectioned deal).

-Add Facebook coment module

-Implement spanish language


[/u]-Add for each deal : 2 or more differents Deal prices (category A, B , C…). Add differents deal prices to company panel deal creation and to deal page seen by user.

-Add to payment : User will pay us a fee (Deal 20€ + fee 2€ = 22€ to pay). Fee depends on deal’s price (chart fee).

-Add a function to create a new deal copying a past deal (company panel)

-Add city to quick register.

-Simplify Company panel (remove part of information asked)

-Implement new design css


[/u]-You provide new design Css/html

-Implement visa/mastercard gateway payment (paypal yet installed)

-Add function to send email with coupon to user just after buying

Thanks for reading and best regards.