Yii Performance Problem When Using Cformmodel

Hi everyone!

I am a new here. I’ve used Yii FW for 2 days and I found that Yii was the best FW I ever used. But I have a problem . When i using Yii to render page or do any actions without connect with database using CFormModel, it’s go super fast, about 62ms -> 100 ms . But when i connect to db using CFormModel to get 1 record , only one to display. My website run too slow, cost about 1s. Please help me, everytime connect to db using CFormModel i have that problem again whether one or more records from database.

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks a lot!

Thx guys. I solve my problem so easily.<br />

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Just change localhost -&gt; in config/main.php<br />

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