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I was wondering if people working with Eclipse ODT knew how to :

  • get auto completion for getters/setters (is that at all possible), like having variables names listed in autocompletion dropdowns for getters/setters

  • get autocompletion for specific CWebApplication methods/ppties when calling Yii::app()->…,  since app() has a PhpDoc Block specifying that the method returns an instance of CApplication we don't get the specific method of the children classes like CWebApplication (no type casting in PHP 5 right ?)

Thanks if anyone has any clues about this


always 'Preview' …

ODT => PDT !

Hi thomas,

I’m using PDT and auto completion works fine for me. Have a look here http://www.yiiframew…oc/cookbook/13/ as it contains info on how to use PDT with Yii.

hope this helps ;)



it works for me too but not for the 2 things I mentionned :

  • Yii::app()->… (app is CWebApplication but since it is declared as Applicaton in the PhpDoc I don't get all the CWebApp methods/ppties)

  • getters/setters (can not get the isGuest ppty corresponding to the getIsGuest method for instance)

Thanks for any help on this