Yii Pagination


when I type my site without "www" in url for ex: http://example.com ajax Pagination does not work. but with http://www.example.com it works !!!

what should I do?

try using firebug to check what requests are made and what is returned…

I’ve confused firebug doesn’t show any request when url is without www it doesn’t send any request.

Possible cross-domain issue, if you’re using ajax. Check that your pagination links point to the same domain.

well its not point to the same domain.

these links created by yii, so how can I control 'em.

I’m using CActiveDataProvider pagination and TbListView widget.

what is the exact attribute to say: hey yii please make your links in a correct way?

could any one help me with this problem?

Not solved yet?

TbListView is not Yii, it’s some external extension I suppose.

How do your pagination links look like?

PS. and btw what do you mean by saying "pagination does not work"