Yii pagination with indexed arrays

I have been trying to generate a paginated set of results using Yii::ArrayDataProvider without much success. My array is not from a model or from a set of database results BUT rather it is from a date range. All the answers I have seen online assume that my data or result set is from a database.

Basically, I have generated an array of calendar dates in my controller like this:

$dateArray= array("2012-11-01","2012-11-02","2012-11-03"...);

and then I used an ArrayDataProvider like this to generate a paginated result:

$dataProvider=new CArrayDataProvider($dateArray, array(







and I need to display this in my view in a tabular, paginated form like this:

<?php $dates=$dataProvider->getData(); ?>

<?php foreach($dates as $date): ?>

<?php echo '<tr>'; ?>

<?php echo '<td>$date</td>'; ?>

<?php echo '<td>Some Info</td>'; ?>

<?php echo '<td>Some info</td>'; ?>

<?php echo '<td>Some other info</td>'; ?>

<?php echo '</tr>'; ?>

And then the pagination links will be displayed at the bottom of the table like this.

<?php $this->widget('CLinkPager', array('pages' => $days->pagination)); ?>

My code only displays the first page and does not display other subsequent pages

Any help will be greatly appreciated