Yii Page Size


I know this might be no brainer to you guys but I’m starting my first project with Yii and I cannot find where to set homepage width (i.e site controller, index method). AFAIK, there is width set somewhere and I cannot find it in CSS. Docs does not say anything on that (have I missed it in massive docs?)

Please help me as I need to change layout width for my site.



Yii uses by default blueprint CSS framework, and it specifies a default container with 950px width. It is in <webroot>/css/screen.css (class [font="Courier New"].container[/font]).

It’s main.php in views/layouts that links to the CSS files.

Edit: It’s easy to check using inspect tool of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. And, btw, main.php is the default template layout for all pages.

Thank you a lot Bennouna.

That fixed it all :)

Please help. I changed this and the page width did not change. Note that Im also using bootstrap, but probably doesn’t effect it

Hi swampone

if the entire template not changed then look

in protected/components/Controller.php or your controller for something like that

public $layout=’/…/…’;

In other cases check with firebug if the css file (or selector rule) is the appropriated

Hello and good morning. I have a follow-up question (I do not know much CSS).

What would I do to keep a portlet menu snapping to the top, right after globally narrowing the width?

I modified webroot/css/screen.css to globally narrow the page width of the entire web site.

However, now a portlet menu (column2.php layout), which originally snapped to the top, right of the screen,

aligns to the bottom (left) of the page.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Mike K.