Yii on PHPmagazine


Somebody recently started a “poll” on different PHP frameworks on Twitter. So if you have a Twitter account you can push Yii a little bit higher :)

here is the actual article - http://www.phpmagazine.net/2009/08/frameworks-trends.html


It doesn’t measure framework reliability, just shows their popularity. We will learn nothing new.

By the way, what’s the difference between liked and suggested frameworks? I don’t know about you, but I personally suggest what I like. This poll does not make much sense to me at all.

I voted for Yii in all categories just for fun.

me 2 ;)



hi ya’ll :)

after couple of days we I can see some interesting stuff:

  • [size=“3”]ZF[/size] got 24 using votes but only 12 suggest, that’s 50%

  • [size="3"]Yii[/size] got 10 using and 9 suggest which is 90%

I know it might change in time, I just like to see the passion behind things :)