Yii on .NET with Phalanger

Has anyone attempted to compile/run Yii on Phalanger?

Some clients are hog-tied to a Microsoft solution, and I’ve had to develop with ASP.NET MVC, which was a righteous pain in the a** … C# is a brilliant language, but ASP.NET MVC is still in a rather infantile stage of life.

If there was any way I could write Yii applications and run them under .NET, frankly that would blow my mind :wink: … I have a rather large codebase built on Yii already, and starting over, reinventing the wheel (and the deep dish, and someday eventually the lightbulb) in ASP.NET MVC is not an attractive thought…

Did you get Yii working with Phalanger?

Hello, my name is Roger and Koiosoft work.

Our company has a project start developing an Yii version. NET using Phalanger obviously free software. Yes you are interested in the project can write (or anyone else).