Yii occational database error!

I have a website with 15 tables for a dance school all done in yii with admin to add different content. Development and deployment was more fun than pain, thanks to Yii, but now new issue has popped up. Occationally error says

database table for active record ‘somerecord’ does not exist in database

this error just means table does not exist. But this only happens once in a while. Like once every half an hour or so or sometimes more frequently. Could this be a server issue? Even when this occurs, the site is quite fast, which makes me rule out high server load? Could this be specific to database server or something. Database is Mysql on localhost.

I am not using schema cache and no opcode cacher.

Yii version is 1.1.14

We asked the server administrator to check if there is some database server error. the server administrator says there is nothing wrong…like the server load and database are ok… This error comes and goes which is the major issue in resolving it Even sites which earlier worked ok now show this error in addition to this dance school site… The admin asked us to fix permissions etc but they are already right – Could this be a mysql update related error or some settings?

there are different sites using yii which recently started to show this error…but earlier even during heavy uploads didn’t had any problems… And this is not specific to any table…

I enabled schema cache…and error has been changed to internal server error 500…

It looks like the server problem indeed. I strongly recommend to upgrade Yii to the newest version, 1.1.14 has got the security issue.