Yii::nt() like ngettext()

Dear all,

First I'd like to congratulate the creators of Yii which I'm learning about a little.

I'd like to have PHP libraries as little as possible. So till now I never used framework, even if I often read and use their libraries.

I'm looking at the translation mechanism in Yii,


and I wonder that there is nothing about plural forms like ngettext()


We do not forgive that there are not two forms : 1 singular and 1 plural (see polish language for example which has 2 plural forms).

Do I miss a feature? Or is it absent?

I like to translate using .po files, but I convert my .po files to PHP arrays and use my own function for managing translation.

Yes, this is a feature currently missing. Could you please submit a ticket for this?

Done at http://code.google.c…es/detail?id=98

If I'm not enough clear, ask me.

May be bring back http://code.google.c…hoiceFormat.php