Yii Nominated for Great Indian Developer Awards 2009

It is a great honor that Yii, as the only PHP framework, was nominated for Great Indian Developer Awards 2009!

The second edition of India’s first and premier awards for the software developer ecosystem will recognize organizations and products that are contributing to the evangelism, productivity and innovation excellence of the Indian developer ecosystem.

Yii folks, please show your passion for Yii by voting for Yii. The voting stage starts from now and lasts till April 3, 2009.

Voted.  ;D


Raoul has voted  ;)

Gooooo yii !!!

Voted :)

Qiang, you deserve this. You have built an exciting framework. From my little experience, I can say that it leaves less work to the developer and has create implementation for all features.

I have voted too.


Qiang & Wei have done an awesome job with Yii and deserve all the support we can give.

Many thanks

Voted as well. Good Job Qiang, you deserve it.


Keep forward!

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Congrats! And keep up the good work, as I have visited the site, I believe that no one would underestimate the power of PHP no more.

Thanks for this wonderful works, and concepts! Really a work of art!

voted :)

voted too,

add oil!