What is the difference between Yii & NOLOH ?

I want to create big web application to be work as A desktop application , Can I do it with Yii?


NOLOH and Yii are fundamentally very different frameworks. NOLOH allows you to work in a single unified language in a lightweight and on-demand matter. Yii however, still requires creating templates and a view layer on top of your application, and as far as I know doesn’t have anything specifically tailored to ensuring that you only receive the code that you absolutely need at that given moment, either on the client, or server. You could however, use a view layer with NOLOH, but it’s unnecessary. So NOLOH can be and is used primarily to create rich web applications, however, you could also create websites in it, but traditionally more webapp oriented users levitate towards it.

However, many people may prefer Yii to NOLOH for website oriented websites. It has good architecture, numerous modules and is very different on a fundamental basis. I personally prefer to use NOLOH for everything, and will try to encourage others to think the same, but I’m a little biased, being one of the founders.