Yii news 2023, issue 2

Yii news 2023, issue 2 - Open Collective

Hello everyone! It is Alexander Makarov and the second issue of Yii news this year.

It has been three months since the last Yii News in February. We were looking forward to accelerating the development of Yii3 while continuing the maintenance of Yii1 and Yii2. Despite having limited funds for development, work has been progressing over the past few months. Let’s dive into what we have accomplished.


Despite Yii 1.1 being 13 years old now, we’re keeping it in a good shape. We have released version 1.1.28, and extended the support until December 31, 2026.

Special thanks goes to Skillshare - Open Collective for sponsoring the maintenance of Yii1 and personally to Marco van 't Wout who’s handing it.


Similar to Yii1, we are dedicated to providing security support and making improvements to enable compatibility with newer PHP versions, specifically versions 8.1 and 8.2. The community and framework maintainers have put in a great effort, and we are pleased to announce the release of version Yii 2.0.48, which includes support for PHP 8.1 and 8.2.

Additionally, extensions got releases:

We extend our thanks to all the sponsors of our work on Yii2 doing contributions via Tidelfilt, Github Sponsors, and Open Collective. We hope that our community can continue to support us in the maintenance and support of new PHP versions.


These past three months have been very productive in terms of Yii3 development.

Many community members have been wondering when Yii3 will be released and the answer to that is interesting. Yii3 is a collection of agnostic packages that can be used with Yii3 or independently. We believe this is a great contribution to the open-source community. We currently have 93 stable packages out of 126, which is a 74% progress in our development roadmap but that doesn’t mean that Yii3 is “not released”. That means that you already can use packages released.

We are pleased to announce the release of Yii Database, a database abstraction layer that incorporates the best from Yii2 making it better and even more stable. It is a significant step in building Yii3 if we look at it as a full-stack framework. As usual, the package meets our standards with 100% coverage, Psalm 1, and mutation tests above 90%. This release has unlocked the following MSSQL Server driver for Yii Database, MySQL and MariaDB driver for Yii Database, Oracle driver for Yii Database, PostgreSQL driver for Yii Database, and SQLite driver for Yii Database. It’s worth noting that you can use Yii Database independently in PHP, which is fantastic for the entire PHP community. If you want more information about using the library, you can refer to the documentation.

:gift: New package releases:

:gift: Package updates:

:books: Our reading/using recommendations

Traditionally we’re collecting interesting links to post these in news issues. This time is no exception.

:heart: Thank you!

I would like to thank all backers and contributors for making Yii 3 possible. We are moving it forward together!

There are more individuals and companies to be checked on the OpenCollective page.

We would like to ask for the support of the entire Yii Framework community to ensure we have the necessary funds to continue contributing to open source, including Yii1, Yii2, and Yii3. This will undoubtedly allow us to dedicate more hours to the development of Yii3 and the maintenance of Yii1 and Yii2. Together, we can achieve it.

:+1: Special thanks for Yii 3 code contributions goes to:


Thank you for your efforts. These are all very good news。

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