Yii news 2020, issue 2


This issue was hard to get done. Not because there’s no content to write about,
on contrary: Yii 3 is improving and the process is so enjoyable that it was
hard to stop for a moment and write about it :sweat_smile:

:large_blue_diamond: Yii 2

:large_orange_diamond: Yii 3

That’s not complete list of changes since amount of pull requests was overwhelming!

:orange_book: New and adjusted internal guidelines:

:orange_book: New guide pages:

:warning: Don’t try it at home :wink:

There are adventurous people who are developing first projects with Yii 3 and
even deployed production instances. Even with all the harsh edges of pre-alpha,
feedback is that the development process is mostly more enjoyable than Yii 2.
That’s a good sign.

:books: Reading recommendations

Here’s some reading that resembles the spirit of Yii 3 well:

:heart: Thank you!

I’d like to thank all backers and contributors making Yii 3 possible.
We are moving it forward together.

:+1: Special thanks for Yii 3 code contributions goes to:


Wow, looks like it cant’t be stopped.

It definitely can be stopped :slight_smile: But we don’t want it to happen. We want a tool that is a pleasure to use.