Yii - Need Help?

Hello everyone,

I’m new in Yii and I know little English so I apologize in advance.

I create an assessment with Yii and am trying to print to the screen .

I shared in the image below, in the table test_id have 1 to 10 and have questions (coloumn name is soru) of each test .

I shared the table was created by the merger of three tables (is a view).

I’m trying to do which have test_id = 1 questions (named soru) and this questions-dependent items (named madde) print to a file named test01.php

At the same time,

exam questions must come one by one,

transitions between questions must be done by forward button

When next button is clicked, marked item will be stored in determinated places (table name is yanitlar)

I’m trying to do for a week but I could not.

Waiting for your help,

Thank you…