I am writing a multilingual Yii based CMS system. This project is Open Source.

I am newbie in Yii. I hope this project will be a playground for newbies and later will be an useful tool as Yii blog demo…

You can read some minimal information in GitHub. (now only the database plan)


Project is now start. I have a minimal source code too as soon share it in GitHub.

I hope join for me some newbies and advenced Yii developer follow with attention.

[size="3"]About some details my idea:[/size]

  • Yii style administration surface

    — Simple user handling (admin, normal users)

    — Page handling with unlimited languages (title and content handling)

    — Gallery handling, gallery related on pages (watermark images, with labels)

    — Video galleries, video related on pages (with labels)

  • Customer side surface

    — A template hompage for helping understand this application…

I know it is a very skeleton idea, but I don’t make developing a new general porpuse CMS… It will be a CMS for developer and not everybody … :)

If you interested in the Yii-Multilingual-CMS, please contact me. (and follow GitHub)

The web site is not available!

sounds good!

Why in pages_lang you use things like “pgtitle”? wouldn’t it be better, to be just “title” ?

It was the first plan, but I reorganise the full database plan and I ignore hte pgtitle field.


Is this project alive ? Github link points to 404.


Not found !!

Page not found, please check…