Yii moved to GitHub

It’s official now: Yii is on GitHub! We also switched to use GitHub issue tracker. Existing issues have already been imported into it.

Many users have requested for this, and we think it’s a wise move to put Yii on GitHub to encourage more people to participate in developing Yii.

SVN users, do not worry. We will still keep our SVN repository. A synchronization between our git repository and svn repository will be done nightly.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues. Thank you for your support!

glad to hear that :lol:

Great news ;D

A bit late - the announcement I mean - but great none the less!

Let the forking commence!!

I think this is a good move.

Previously I had my own git-clone of the svn-repository and there are some differences that make me wonder how you keep git and svn in sync.

  1. with git svn clone I get a reference to the svn commit (like git-svn-id: … trunk@3568 …) this Info is not present in github.

Maybe not needed that badly, but otherwise it does not hurt to have it there … so I wonder why it was removed.

  1. you make some effort to place the version tags outside the master branch. why? This way git describe does not provide usefull information.

I think "1.1.10-3-g032224e" (3 commits after 1.1.10 release) would be much more usefull than "heads/master".

This is great… and I’m pretty sure this will increase the number of people inteseted in Yii… valuable contribution will begin very soon (if not started yet)

Very good idea to put it also in git :D

Just one thing, it was good to tag version in git also ::)

Its great to see yii community exploring github. Now since it is very easy to provide a fix with pull requests Yii can grow much faster I think.

I am amazed, how many pull requests, forks and watches we have within one day. With github you get a feeling about whats going on in the community ::)

At the moment of I am writing this post we have 23 pull requests, 318 watchers and 51 forks!

btw @chnax I reported an issue about the tags: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii/issues/360

CeBe: Since you seem to be proficient with git/github: I’m currently creating a branch for every patch I’d like to submit via a pull request. Is that the right way to do? I fear to taint my pull requests with unrelated commits :mellow:

I added a wiki page that outlines the workflow for git contributors, if you have any further questions please post them here and i’ll try and add the answers to the wiki page:

Is it such a good idea to put this into the github wiki? After all, we’ve already got two bugtrackers now.

It’s there because it directly relates to git/github and it makes sense to have this info there, other stuff should go in the normal Yii wiki

Okay, makes sense.

Yes it is definitively the right way, you should not commit anything to master since you would not be able to get new changes from upstream repository without creating unneccessary merge commits and spoil the history.

I also noticed that you did something like rebasing with your master branch, so there are commits authored by other people and committed by you. You should not use your master branch for creating branches for pull requests anymore.

Since github does not allow you to change history, I am afraid there is no way to fix this.

Google code bugtracker is deprecated, we only have github as the bugtracker now.

What? I was trying to keep my fork in sync with upstream, that’s all :huh:

Well, fits quite well with the rest: Something must have broken so fundamentaly that I am no longer able to push to my very own branches.

Here’s the workflow: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii/wiki/Git-workflow-for-Yii-contributors

What to do if a pull request is rather long lived. Should changes from upstream be merged after opening a pull request to resolve possible conflicts?

You should pull upstream before every push to github. As long as there are no merge conflicts before you open or update your pull request, you’ve done your job. If a long time passes because of discussion a member of the Yii team should attempt to resolve the merge conflicts themselves, if the merge is particularly tricky they will ask for your help. Of course you can be proactive about this and if you notice conflicts while a pull request is open, you can make the Yii team’s life easier by resolving them yourself.

Seen that. Unfortunately I can no longer follow this as my local git gave up on me. I can commit changes, but that will kick me out of my branch. Anyway, I think I hit my “damn you git!”-quota for this week. I’ll check back with this next wednesday.

In the meantime, this is an interesting read concerning hg vs git: http://importantshock.wordpress.com/2008/08/07/git-vs-mercurial/

Good decision. This will speed up contributing a lot.