Yii MongoDB Suite versus Direct MongoDB Suite

Hello everyone.

I’m in a process of selecting the right bundle to use for interaction with MongoDB and I’m at a loss at the moment. There are two extensions avaliable: Yii MongoDB Suite and Direct MongoDB Suite.

The first one was developed by some Yii team members and was the first serious extension. But as I see it on Github - last commits to code where done over 2 years ago at the moment and the original author placed a comment that he no longer develops or maintains the extension.

The second one seems to be more fresh and is based on MongoDB suite and adds some additional stuff from other small extensions for mongodb. Latest update was in May 2012, so it seems at least it is not as old as the first, but there is no github or other SCM repository and no way to tell if author really does some work on it.

I’m starting a rewrite of a rather big project and long-term project, so I need a solid foundation to start on. I know i’m not the only one, so if there are forks of extensions that are actively developed (or at least bugfixes are contributed and new versions are released) - I would like to know.

Thank you for your time.

Ianare forked the original yii-mongodb-suite and did some further work on it in several GIT branches: https://github.com/digitick/yii-mongodb-suite

In general I see a problem in the hundreds of mongodb fragments out there (regarding Yii that is). You never know if they are still up to date or were abandoned. What I got from the comments on the mongodb-suite extension site is that Ianare tries to merge all these fragments into one extension which would be awesome

Looks like it from the comments, only I don’t get why the “or” is not supported, because in original mongodbsuite 1.4pre the “or” support has been added. Well, i’d have to contact him and offer some help cause I need that extension working properly :)

It would be really cool if you could clear that. I am planning to make use of MongoDB in a future project and never really used it before so I would be interested in using the “most mature” extension. I would also be happy to contribute as soon as I know how to use MongoDB ;)

Maybe we should, as a community, "get our shit together" and do something about this fragmentation? Focus one a single fork and push all the development and bug fixing to it?

I’m no expert in mongodb and neither I know the Yii guts out of my head, but I could make some time everyday to manage the process.

Definitely. The problem for me is that I just don’t know enough about MongoDB to understand what features these extensions are missing yet so I don’t know which one “is better”. I already did a massive CActiveRecord like extension (ActiveResource) so that one could be helpful in regards of knowing the “guts of Yii” :)

EDIT: Just found another fork that minato is currently working on. This time on bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/mintao/yii-mongodb-suite