Yii Model Static Method Fails

When I call the static method in Yii Model it fails. Below is the code. Am I done anything wrong in the coding.

Is the calss is imported before view?

What am i missing here?

class ListModel extends CActiveRecord {

     const STATUS_PENDING = 0;

public static function model($className=__CLASS__) {

    return parent::model($className);


public function tableName() {

    return 'list_model';


public static function getCountPending(){

    $sql = "SELECT COUNT('list_id') FROM list_model WHERE list_status=".self::STATUS_PENDING;

    return  (int) Yii::app()->db





return array(






$pending =   ListModel::getCountPending();

it is resolved. It was due to casesenstive model names and Import the models before making the static call. I get the results