Yii Menu Module

This module is very good for the menu creation


This is my suggestion:

Instead of using Access role. It might using Auth::operation to do the access control.

Match with the "Rights" module.


User "ABC" assign role "Normal User".

"Normal User" has assigned operation "Menu.Index".

So in the menu setting for the access --> it should fill "Menu.Index"

When checking the user -> role. It can get the operation to decide whether this "link" is allowed to be access.

Currently using role to control of the access. The scope is too wide. Unable to serve multiple roles.

This is just my penny of thought

Best Regard,

Markus bala

Hi Markus,

Thanks for taking the time for this suggestion. It is a very good idea, and a better auth system is required for menu access.

I will follow up on the issue here so that it can all stay in the issue tracker:


Best regards,