yii member position

Hi ,

I want to just ask that we can only increase our member position by helping people via post !!!

is there another method or rule to become advance or elite member ???

AFAIK, the forum rank is determined by post count.

Your reputation point is determined by the amount of plusses you get (when you help people).

It is possible to become an elite member even if you don’t help people out at all. :)

A third point system - this is the Yii overall rank system AFAIK - is available from


You increase that by actively using the wiki, submitting extensions, and use the forum. ;)

thankx jacmoe ,

will try that all :)

Increase member position? Elite member?

Note that the forum has only a post count counter… so even if one user only asks questions (many many questions)… he would get to advanced or elite member… so this “title” means just that… that this user has so many posts in this forum… it does not mean that it’s a Yii advanced or elite user…

On the other hand the reputation points are points given by other users to usefull posts/answers… that means more than the post count… but for this you don’t get a “title”

Yii site ranking is even better as it counts many more actions you made for Yii… like writing a wiki, contributing an extension and so on…


But if you are doing all that just to get a badge or some “title”… that’s a wrong thinking…

Anyway be happy, only 25 post more and you will be a Standard member!

thankx zaccaria ,

my intention is positive , i just wanna make my name in Yii world.

but from now only member position is not enough.

Does anyone know how the "Hall of fame" board and points system was put together?

I would really like to replicate this system in a forum I maintain for an open source Yii project at zurmo.org. Since I use the same IPS Community Forum software I wonder if there is an Add-in for this?

If anyone knows anything I would be grateful for your help!