Yii Meetup In London

Hi guys,

In line with the brilliant initiative from the guys across the pond (NY), I am organising a Yii meetup group in London.

I am sure there are some keen londoners aching to exchange ideas and best practices around Yii.

Please sign up at http://www.meetup.com/London-Yii-Framework-Group/ to be part of the group, but do please

drop me a line should you want to clarify/suggest anything, from venues to topics.


Cass Surek

Sounds great! Good luck with it, and feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss ideas. Maybe we can organize a developer exchange in the future!

Hi Cass,

Did you get any takers ? I’m in Cornwall though, a long way from London !


Hi Justin,

Maybe we can have a surf trip to Cornwall one of these days, but then, software developers and surfboards usually don’t go well together. :)

Yes, there are almost 20 people in the group and we have the first meeting scheduled to this coming February.

I hope you can come to one of them sometime!


Hi Ben,

It’d be good to understand what subjects you’ve covered over there. I’ve scheduled a first meeting here to discuss with people and should be able to get a feeling about what they want covered.

It’d be great to organise an exchange in the future. Superb idea! :)

Let’s keep the communication flowing.


Brilliant thing, I’m totally in.

We’re using Yii in our company and I would love hearing experiences and way of working even from a project management point of view (product breakdown and such boring stuff) :)

Super! Looking forward to discussing that aspect of development as well.



Sorry, I did not quite get it, but please come along to the meeting if you fancy meeting everybody and exchanging info.



We have now decided on a venue: The Fox Pub near Old Street, 28-30 Paul St., London, EC2A 4LB. Hope to see you there!

Hey Cass,

We’ve had two meetups so far (with the third happening tonight), both with ~15 attendees. We spent the first meetup going around the room and introducing ourselves and sharing our experiences w/ Yii. It was surprising - but pretty cool - to find that people had lots to say/inquire about. For the second meetup, I gave a demo of a base Yii install, and then installing/using the User and Rights module (http://www.benjaminlhaas.com/blog/installing-yii-users-and-rights-5-steps). Another member demoed his Asteroid extension (http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/asteroid/), and then we spent the remainder talking about various Yii extensions and modules. I asked members to bring demos to tonight’s meetup, as I have nothing specific planned.

Hope that helps! I’d love to hear a post-game report from your meetup.

Best regards,