YII Mart

We at Miracle have started developing a full blown high end ecommerce software on YII framework. There is no good ecommerce cart on YII just like magneto is on Zend so we thought of developing one. Do you guys think that there is market for this kind of a product specially when there are so many ecommerce cart out there.

The project is called YII Mart. Would appreciate ideas and advise in this regard.

We will launch YII Mart in a few months, will keep you posted.


there was a similar effort a while back the project is called Yii Cart but then author lost interest it has been abandoned for some time now, I started working on a massive E-Commerce project for a firm in Canada early this year, It has been running in production for 4 months now we are going to open source it, I am busy working on some of the missing pieces hope fully next year January we will release the first version.

Nice thought…

On github, I found yii2-shopping-cart and yii2-app-ecom

Are there any other options I may be missing that would help with building an e-commerce site using Yii2?

+1 for doing this. glad to here that .

This is the best. Good reviews
https://sakuracommerce.com - ecommerce based on Yii2 php framework

Personally I don’t like this kind of post, because it smells of a spam.

This is a commercial product of @Nurbek .
You can see frontend and backend demos in the site linked above.
But you can not see the source code, because it’s not open.

If you have interest in this product, contact @Nurbek directly.