Yii Mailing list

A simple poll for a yii mailing list. Please write your thoughts.

Hi tydeas_dr,

Good to have a mailing list. I was also wondering if future Yii can include the following:

[1] chat module

[2] questionnaire (or survey) module

[3] quiz module

[4] wiki module

For your consideration and thoughts.

These features you pointed out are more like extensions and should not be included in the core.

And as an extension, some user must be willing to do it


there is a WIKI module for sure: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/wikiext/

(i’d be interested in a Survey extension as well)


Mailing list are really boring and old stuffs, better to user rss!

I do most of my electronic communication via email, so a mailing list is welcome.

I don’t think that there should be one as it would fragment the community.

One of the great features of Yii is the excellent community, a mailing-list would be disruptive IMO.

Some projects only feature a mailinglist and nothing else, which is one of my reasons for leaving CakePHP and switch to Yii.

I know that you can use Google groups with a mailing-list, but it doesn’t feel the same…

If you want to keep up to date, use the RSS feed.

It integrates into your browser and any email client (worth its salt). :)

Anyone who is interested in a mailing list might wanna join my google group


In my opinion it can exists parallel to this community board. For quick solutions it is much faster than posting my question here and wait for someone to read it. I made very good experiences at the TYPO3 project using this kind of communication for developers seeking solutions.

need yii announce mailing list,

normally a mail per month, not any more.

or, writing a web spider or git pull daemon or yii release,

but that smells bad.

btw, see