Yii mail function

Hello everyone!

I am using Yii-user extension http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/yii-user/ for user registration in my application. The mail function in the module seems too slow. The mail reaches its recipient after atleast 2 hrs. Please help me with a good/fast mail function and its usage. Or else, direct me to another post/blog/tutorial where i can find this.

Thanks in advance.

-a Newbie

I personally doubt the problem lies with the implementation of the mail program. It could very well be mailserver related.

can you tell me how to implement smtp mail server for mailing?

You can also write your own MVC framework with all needed extensions… comparing to writing own SMTP server it is rather simple task ;)

In my opinnion it is impossible that mail function takes 2hrs to send e-mail. your sever would die pretty fast already running out of resources. You should rather check mail logs and track why they were delayed (maybe some graylisting or similiar module, or some network outages)… look at maillog at your server (if you have such privileges) or at least at mail headers of such delayed mail. there should be information about mail route in ‘Received-At’ headers and maybe some graylisting/spam filter headers that could be useful.

thanks for your suggestion! I would do that and see if it helps. :)