yii magic?


i am programming a backend with yii and use xampp to run it. Everything was fine until i uploaded the project on a server (from strato - a german company).

On the server the jqAjaxSearch was bugy so i played with the extension a little bit and changed



$this->renderPartial('search',array('articles'=>$articles), false, true); 

and the extension worked :)

but at the same moment the tinymce stopped workin on the server?

i use tinymce in article/create and jqAjaxSearch in article/listen…

the only things thiny is showing me are the small buttons [Text] and [Html] at the bottom of the textfield… okay so lets change the line back to:


hm… the jqAjaxSearch is warking all the same but tiny is still broken :(

-do i have to prepare the server in any way? do i have to create my project on the server with the yiic shell?

-the local xampp system runs perfekt, are there any php.ini settings to do?

-local i use apache and on the server runs a apache2… mybe thats the problem?

at the moment i have the following php settings:

PHP Version 5.2.11

register_globals Off

safe_mode Off

allow_call_time_pass_reference On //but i dont know what it is for… just the same way xampp do it…

display_errors Off

i am getting crazy =)

lg milo

Did you clear assets directory?

omg, right at the moment i think i love you