Yii Less

I have been using Chris83’s less extension for a few months now and while setting up a new test website downloaded the extension. It appears as though it has been completely rewritten. Previously, the extension seemed simple enough–a path to your less file, and whether or not to force that file to compile. This would generate a css file and it worked great.

With the new version of the extension, there are more options that I can’t seem to figure out. For example:




What is the purpose of each of these values? If the first file is my less file that I compiled, what is the second file? Also, I’m curious about the available options:

'options'=>array( // compiler options

  'env'=>'production', // compiler environment, either production or development

  'async'=>false, // load imports asynchronous?

  'fileAsync'=>false, // load imports asynchronous when in a page under a file protocol

  'poll'=>1000, // when in watch mode, time in ms between polls

  'dumpLineNumbers'=>'mediaQuery', // enables debugging, set to comments, mediaQuery or all

  'watch'=>true, // enable watch mode?


Changing “env” does not appear to change anything (although my site does load a little faster wen set to production). I can see the comments but they don’t do much to help–I was hoping someone had a little more detail about what each does. I’ve checked the less website but it didn’t help much either.

I am currently using this with Chris83’s bootstrap extension while developing a website so I’m hoping to find a way to use this once in production as well (like the previous version where I could just set forceCompile to false and go on with my day). Also, I’m unable to use the node.js server side compiler since I’m on a shared account.

Thank you for your help!