Yii keeps refreshing the session ID


I have an local application setup on my pc with a fake domain app.test which points to the internal ip of my computer : I have a login form which implements captcha validation. The strange thing is that I can login from my own computer with this form but I couldn’t from a computer with an ip address It always returns me the error of “invalid captcha”. I followed the code a little bit and found that in CCapcthaAction there’s a chance the captcha gets regenerated if the session id is different. So I monitored the session cookie in firefox, and I found it gets changed on a per-request basis.

Any ideas?

We had a very similar discussion last week. Please check this topic wether you have the same problem:


And please try to do more search, wether there’s already a related topic. I know, searching the forum for a specific problem can be hard some times because you have to try so many different search terms and read through the results. But on the other hand it’s not very encouraging for the people who try to help if the users ask the same questions every week. I hope you understand.

I did searched in the forum before I ask a question. Unfortunately usually it didn’t return anything - by which I guess it’s not a full-text search yet. Also sometimes, especially between 6:00pm to 9:00pm the forum weren’t so stable that my search query didn’t respond. Maybe somebody can implement a better search engine.