Yii & Joomla!

First of all, hello every Yii developer, i’m completely shocked by this product. Thanks for everyone, who made this monster.

I’ve been playing with Yii for a week or so and made small apps and services. I have a joomla product, where i can change some information by WSDL service. Today got a great tutorial, where joomla! and Yii may be friends and did it. Thanks, again … Yii as module in Joomla!.

So here is my question:

Is there any chance to use Joomla! as CMS (admin Panel) only and for front end development use Yii? Is there any way to use Joomla’s “administrator” folder with databases and manipulate them by Yii? admins used joomla as CMS for a long time and they love it, now i love Yii and wanna work with it. I want to leave joomla as admin panel with databases and re-create this web application by Yii.

Thanks in advanced…

why not build a similar app, somekind of a joomla cms with Yii, from ground up … but made to satisfy another need … for somekind of a smaller niche of users …