yii jmultiselect2side [NEED HELP]

i just need to know how be selected

this is my code

        	$model= Relatedproductsview::model()->findByAttributes(array('products_id'=>$_GET['id']) ); 

// complete user list to be shown at multiselect order by username

$users= Products::model()->findAll(

         		array('order' => 'id'));



            	'model'=>$model,  'attribute'=>'title', //selected items



              	'list'=>CHtml::listData($users,'id', 'title') , 



in ‘atrribute’ ( i know there is the selected id-> key to be selected )

and i know ‘model’ must have same field with ‘list’

i have succesfully used this widget ( with selected list )

but unfortunately i cant selected all data on my database

if i acn describe clearly

i have 1 product and this product have 5 category

by example

table product (id, title)

table relatedproduct(id , products_id,related_id)

id->auto increment

products_id -> id

related_id ->id products that related


example :




i have products with id =1 and related with 4,2,3


to use this extensions correctly i create view ( same with ‘list’ field )

nah, in my view i just get on row selected

need help…