Yii is not working on IIS

I installed Yii on a IIS 6 at godaddy.com.

Yii shows only a blank page. No idea to trace out the problem.

Since it is a shared hosting account, I don’t have any option to change the php installation settings.

Any idea to solve this problem? Will upgrading from IIS 6 to IIS 7 solve this problem?



From what i know , IIS doen’t work “Out the box” with Yii .

Run the requirements check on your server and you will probably see that

it has failed because :

$_SERVER variable - Failed 

Either $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] or $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"] must exist.

i think a saw fix for this an another thread , but at least it give a lead what to google

I think this should be fixed mainstream as IIS is a popular webserver too, maybe you could open a bug report.