Yii is in the PHP Architect mag

hey all,

Yii made it to PHP|arch magazine :)



Did you get a chance to read the actual article? How positive are they about Yii?

Hopefully this is gonna add a bit of popularity and help grow the user community

Thank for sharing this Great news!

I read the article. It’s a tutorial on using Yii to connect via SOAP to a Flex/Flash app. The author does provide quite a bit of praise about the Yii framework.

Here’s a brief snippet from the article.

Apparently there was another article in March 2009 about Yii, but I didn’t have a subscription at the time so I didn’t read it. If you currently don’t subscribe, to PHP Architect, I highly recommend it (even though it’s pricey).

thanks [canreo],

I was kinda surprised last month, because in that issue they were talking about PHP frameworks and I didn’t see Yii in the list (this is my first full issue). I’m glad they published this article.

The author (Jeff Winesett) definitely likes Yii :)

Go Yii, GO!


Is there a comprehensive tutorial for Yii and SOAP? Is it worth $5?

Of course it’s worth $5. It is “THE” PHP magazine! :)

however, it’s NOT an overall “how-to use SOAP services with Yii”.


The March 09 Article was a 7 pages introduction to the framework. It mainly described how to create a simple application with yiic and how controllers and views works on the framework.

It was the first time I heard about Yii ;D