Yii IRC?


what about putting up a Yii channel @ freenode?

Also, Qiang, what about you also being on there ;)

I think it would be a nice way to discuss some issues.

What do you guys think? :)

PS: I’m on #yii @ freenode atm guarding the chan - Query me there and I’ll give you op so you can reg it :)

Thank you helping spread the word. Unfortunately I couldn't really stay in a channel as my schedule is fairly tight and can only grab time to read/reply forum posts only.

I think as more ppl start to use Yii, we will see more people there.

If you encounter any problem, feel free to ask here. This will also help others to solve the same problem.

Sry for revive this thread but what about pinning to other members know about the irc channel ?

Guys, please come over to IRC  ;D

FYI, I added a link named "Live Chat" on top of the forum page that can lead to the IRC channel.

:) nice


(hum, the popup window’s title is “prado chatroom” … strange isn’t it ?  ;) ;D)


inheritance. ;) fixed. thanks.


FYI, I added a link named "Live Chat" on top of the forum page that can lead to the IRC channel.

I know about the chan, actually it's been on my autojoin list a week now. Unfortunately there's no much activity for now.

Hello All,

I think it's time to revive this thread again. 

For the last few weeks, we've had a slowly growing nucleus of folks in the #Yii freenode channel.  It's still slow – there are only a few of us, and real-time conversations are still something of a rarity, but the interest and demand is there and activity is definitely beginning to snowball.

I inquired of the Freenode staff regarding how we can get some operators in the room.  Either the owner, SinnerG, can come by and designate a few, or a member of the Yii project could fill out a form to apply for group registration:


In any case, it's getting more active in there, and we'd love to have a few more folks around.  Come on in, ask questions or just come hang out for a while.  And SinnerG, if you're still around, let's get this thing going.


Unfortunately, SinnerG appears not to have been around lately:

Most likely, someone will have to apply for group registration (or move the link to another IRC network) to regain that room.