yii installation in windows

I am trying to install yii framework in Windows but failed. I tried in several ways.

First tired with "Yii 2 with basic application template" and "Yii 2 with advanced application template" of this link yiiframework.com/download.

Then I tried with github. I downloaded yii from here github , unzipped it , placed unzipped folder in htdocs of xampp, try to browse localhost/my_yii/requirements/, but it showed "Object not found!" error.

I tried with composer also but failed.

My htdocs path is "D:\php\htdocs" and my php.exe path is "D:\php\php". I think composer installed in this path "D:\php\php".

Can anyone help me to install yii in my machine ??

You simply need to follow the instructions :)


Did you install composer?

Did you add the php client exe to your PATH?

Can run run composer in your command line?

Any error messages?