yii installation in ubuntu.

Hi all,

I am new to php framework. would someone help me in installation of yii framework in ubuntu linux.


ajit kumar

It’s very easy, just install a git to your ubuntu box and clone yii repository. git clone https://github.com/dmtrs/unofficial-yii-framework-mirror.git then read a documentation at:http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/1.1/en/quickstart.installation

Also, if you want a virtual debugging environment in Ubuntu, you can use the Quickstart Drupal environment, and make the changes that are documented here:

could you elaborate more on this.the links given here are not of much help.

Very briefly…

There is a virtual Ubuntu environment called Quickstart that is hosted within the Oracle VirtualBox software. The Oracle VirtualBox software is a virtual environment manager that can run on Windows or Mac OSX. Within that Quickstart environment there is an Ubuntu installation, along with tools like NetBeans and Eclipse. This Quickstart environment has been setup for being able to create, run and debug Drupal installations. However, I have found that with just a few modifications, the environment can also be used to run and debug Yii applications. The modifications are what the description on the above link describes.

For further information about the Quickstart environment, including some good tutorial videos, please check out the links on the Drupal Quickstart project page. - http://drupal.org/project/quickstart.

Note that you would not want to run a web site off of this, so if that is the primary goal, then this will not work. But it is an excellent environment for creating, testing and debugging Yii applications before you actually deploy them to a website.

Hey Ajit, do you already have installed php, mysql and web server on Ubuntu.

It is very easy if you already have LAMP software installed,

you need just to download yii(no need for git), and follow instruction here:


It shouldn’t take you more then few minutes to setup everything.

I am using ubuntu virtual box from windows 7,i cannot execute the yiic command as shown below…

quickstart@qs10:~/websites$ YiiFramework/framework/yiic webapp /trackstar

bash: YiiFramework/framework/yiic: cannot execute binary file…

i tried another variant like

/usr/bin/php /home/quickstart/websites/YiiFramework/framework/yiic.php webapp home/quickstart/websites/trackstar

from the root…its not also working…

what i am doing wrong…

please explain. My folder structure can be understood from the command i think…help me. i am a newbie to both yii as well as virtualbox ubuntu.

i followed this link i got a solution