Yii include paths independent of YiiBase.php

Upgrading to Yii 1.0.5 version, I came to the follow problem:

I override CActiveRecord with CMyActiveRecord, and I declare its path in YiiBase.php for Yii recognization.

But, when upgrading to a new Yii version, i have to remember to add the path again, otherwise I will get errors.

My question is: Am I proceeding right? If so, I think that Yii might have another place to find this kind of classes (does it already have?), so it can be independent of YiiBase upgrades.

No, you shouldn't change yiibase.php which is in yii core.

One good place to put your CMyActiveRecord is under /protected/conpoments, then add it to import part in config/main.php if you haven't done that, then you should be able to use it everywhere within you yii app.

Thank you very much, I was really misunderstanding.