YII in the cloud


I have a webservice that I created with Yii and I want to deploy it on a cloud service.

Someone has already tried this?

I’m considering these services:

https://orchestra.tenderapp.com/kb/getting-started/service-overview (great feature: deployment from git)


https://phpfog.com/platform (http://docs.phpfog.com/index.php/features/article/supported_frameworks yii with little changes)


phpfog is free

Yii is memory and cpu eater, better buy vps or dedicated

this is cloud platform…

I’m going to use Rackspace’s cloud hosting for the launch of my app - anticipate going to a dedicated server in time but this is a very economical way to start.

I decided to try orchestra.io, which was acquired by engineyard

these are the features that interest me:

deployment with GIT


if the performances will aren’t good, I will change to dedicated server

Wondering if there is any update on this thread?

We’re trying to use EngineYard but finding that with pulling the code base from Github repo, it needs the core framework folder included in the repo. This is wrong on many levels and we don’t want this config maintenance nightmare.

Basic takeways…

  • Yii is not optimized nor recommended for cloud hosting

  • EngineYard does not fully support Yii hosting

If anyone has a different approach for hosting Yii in the cloud, please share it.


I am planning to launch a website on amazon ec2 so I’ll be interested to hear if anybody has any advanced experience with EC2 and Yii

We looked into Amazon EC2 but ran into the same issue as chrismol with EngineYard - as the environment instance is built from a single git repo it appeared the only way was to include the whole Yii core framework in the repo which was a non-starter for us.

Be very interested to learn of any successful experiences with Yii in the cloud but for the moment it looks like traditional old school hosting for Yii applications is the only practical option.