Yii import issues with phpfog.com platform

Hello everyone,

I am in the process to give a try to the new phpfog.com cloud platform.

I have installed a ‘helloworld’ app but I am getting the following exception at startup:


Unable to import "application.models.*". Please check your server configuration 

to make sure you are allowed to change PHP include_path.


After some investigation I discovered that the root directory for my files contains a domain name (e.g /var/fog/apps/…/myusername.phpfogapp.com/) which I think totally confuses the Yii::import parser.

Is there any trick I can use to fix this ? (if not I guess I’ll have to notify the phpfog people that their platform is going to have a problem with yii…)

Thanks guys for any hint.

could be the PHP settings… check this topic - http://www.yiiframew…p?/topic/19127-

from phpfog