Yii::import() and Extensions


I’m writing an extension that is made up of a few different class files, with a subdirectory or two.

From what I’ve seen of other extensions, they use Yii::import(), and specify the full path to whatever class file they want to load, eg. Yii::import(‘ext.yii-ext.authorname.myspecialsnowflake.behaviors.ClassNameHere’);

Trying to move these extensions out of their ridiculous directories into the root of extensions/ (or grouping them into extensions/behaviors/, for example) breaks everything, because Yii::import() is effectively a require() with absolute pathing.

I want to avoid this shtick with my own extension.

What’s the recommended way to import a class using a relative path, instead of the full ext.foo.bar absolute path?

(Require()? Have I missed something with Yii::import()?)

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I think you can first define a path alias for your extension using setPathOfAlias and then do imports:

Yii::setPathOfAlias('myalias', dirname(__FILE__));



The simpler way is to use require() of course, but maybe it’s not that flexible.