YII & IIS issue


I need some support with runnig Yii on IIS. I have brand new PHP installation ( using http://www.iis-aid.com/ installer ). PHP info works fine, all requirements are passed but blog generated with yiic tool does not start at all. I do not have any message or error. My screen is simply blank. Page source is empty.

I’ve tried to reinstall php or reboot IIS many times and the result remains the same.

Thx in advance!

You probably made a typo or something which resulted in a Fatal Error. When I installed PHP for IIS (I used http://php.iss.net/) I had the same problem, turns out by default errors are logged to a file but are not reported on the page itself. Check your php.ini for the term “display_errors” and set it to “On” (or open the PHP error log if you don’t want to change this setting), that should tell you what’s going on :)

ok, i set up php 5.3.1 manually with fastcgi installed. Followed by




tutorials php works fine. I switched display_errors to ‘on’ but nothing happened.

Now i have error like:



Application runtime path "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\blog\protected\runtime" is not valid. Please make sure it is a directory writable by the Web server process.


I use ASP.NET & IIS in my day-to-day programming and want IIS to work also with PHP.

Any ideas?

I had -> fastcgi.impersonate = 1; Now is commented and i see on the screen only this:




thats all.

I’m getting crazy with IIS configuration. Thanx for any help or some step by step tutorial for complete configuration of Yii on IIS. I use IIS 5.1, Win XP.

Yes. Did you read the error message? It’s pretty self-explanatory actually ;)

protected/runtime is the directory where Yii stores its caches, logs and persistent states. It therefore needs to be able to create and write to files in that directory. In explorer’s security settings, you should give the IIS user this type of access to that directory.

Oh and one final thing, display_errors in php.ini should be set to on, without any quotes. Maybe you did that, already, just to make sure. Well, at least you’re getting a visual now ;)

ok, so I have now display_errors = On, permissions for the runtime folder for read, write and directory browsing. Blog’s default page remains the same. Page source looks like this:





Sander, do you use IIS for your Yii development? If yes, maybe you can create some brand new yii instalation and tell me step by step what to do? Probably this issue is only connected with permissions.

Nevermind, I dropped IIS and installed XAMPP Lite. Yii works perfectly. Environment variables that was all I had to configure.

Iis version?

I was having the same problems and spent ages fiddling around with Network Services permissions, eventually found out PHP runs under the IUSR account, once I granted write permissions to IUSR my folders were writeable and I was able to access the app correctly.

nice dude!!