Yii Hangs Until Browser Restart Under Certain Conditions

We’re encountering a hang issue with Yii under certain conditions that we haven’t been able to isolate. What is significant is that it when it gets into this state it hangs the browser only for our site, whether we start up a new browser page or click on other links. All ajax loads spin forever, and fresh page requests spin forever. The browser works fine for other sites, so we know the issue is on the server side.

I believe there is something in Yii that waits for log file locks and/or SQL command completion. Can anyone point me to any documentation or other posts that might help us out on this? We have a great Yii site going, except for this one serious issue.

Thanks in advance.

Do you use native session backend (CHttpSession)?

I’ve made some changes to CFileLogRoute some time ago. I doubt this has anything to do with it, but could you try to disable the file log routes to make sure?

Thanks, yeah, we use the native version. Will try it and see what happens…

The problem, or to better say the side-effect of the native session backend is that it blocks the session until it gets released (on end of request). Means if you do sleep(10), any further request must wait 10 seconds. So maybe this behavior is somehow related to your problem. You could try to use CDbHttpSession and see if the problem disappears.

// If it’s hard to reproduce I suggest to test a different session backend first. As noted, I doubt it has anything to do with file log route.

Thanks again! That gives us something to go on. Will post back when we find out anything potentially useful to others.