Yii Gwebservice Wsdlurl

'm trying to use gWebService in Yii. I try to use it in my siteController

i declare this in actions


                        'class'    => 'ext.GWebService.GSoapServerAction',


then a function like this


    * @param string $sXml

    * @param string $sFilters

    * @return string Hello you !

    * @soap


   public function ProcessRequest($sXml,$sFilters="") {

     return 'Hello ' . $sXml . '!';


and simply call it in my indexAction

public function actionIndex()


        $client = Yii::createComponent(array(

            'class' => 'ext.GWebService.GSoapClient',

            'wsdlUrl' => ''


          // remote method parameters are passed as an array

          echo $client->call('SiteController.ProcessRequest', array('test','t'));


unfortunately i receive this error

wsdl error: Getting - HTTP ERROR: Unsupported HTTP response status 404 Not Found (soapclient->response has contents of the response)

Someone could explain me which url i’ve to use to test my first soap service? Is it possible to see the generated wsdl?

thanks for your help

I found solution myself, the url to use was