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Structure is a bit too divided into pieces. Many parts are repeating or even quoting official guide.

Please reread code here: http://gemisoft.com/guides/read/chap/3/doc/base_controller_for_s_e_o.html

Thanks, I agree. I pulled out some of the pages. SEO, SEF and Sitemap will be covered in a new Chapter.

Here is the structure for first 5 sections. Let me know your thoughts and interest.

Contents are crude but it is just to give you an idea


// Chapter 1: Introduction


$Chaps[$i][] = 'Introduction'; // About This Guide

$Chaps[$i][] = 'What Is Yii';   

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Yii Compared To Others';

$Chaps[$i][] = 'The Architecture'; 



// Chapter 2: Installation and Hosting


$Chaps[$i][] = 'Requirements';     // May not be reqired?

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Installing';       // Windows + Mac + Linux';

$Chaps[$i][] = 'The Default App'; 

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Keeping Current';



// Chap 3: Instant Grati?cation


$Chaps[$i][] = 'Introduction - Yiic Webapp'; // Introducing Yicc Webapp

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Creating A New Application'; // Using yicc webapp

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Customize To Bare Bone';     // Bare Bone Layout - Download

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Creating New Layout';        

$Chaps[$i][] = 'What We Just Did';



// Chap 4: DB and Crud


$Chaps[$i][] = 'Introduction - More Yiic'; // Introduces all switch except rbac

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Add Database Connection'; 

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Yiic - Create Controller'; 

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Yiic - Create Model'; 

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Yiic - C R U D'; 

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Find Anamolies';          // For Business Rule nd Form validation section



// Chap 5: Basic Customiztion


$Chaps[$i][] = 'Configuration File';          

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Global Functions';           

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Search Engine Opmimization'; 

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Search Engine Friendly';      // URL rewrite

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Custom Http Execption';       // Handling CHTTPEXception and Custom errors

$Chaps[$i][] = 'Custom DB Execption';         // Bare Bone Layout - Download


In order to help new users learn Yii quickly, more images and diagrams should be included to support the explanations. It would be nice also to explain the code line by line. The author won’t need to do this for every code sample, only one or two examples are needed to help the reader grasp the gist of the Yii syntax. :)