I started printing out the Definitive Guide and found :

( 1 ) There’s a lot of wasted whitespace that, at least for me, serves no useful purpose.

   The average page has the following margins:

   left        : 1.125 inches

   top        : 1.250

   right     : 2.000

   bottom : 1.500 to 2.000

   I dont want to create a book, all I want to do is print out the document so I can read it in bed at night.

( 2 ) The second and more important problem, is that the font is so small and so light that it is hard to read, particularly if you are trying to do so late at night.

Would it be possible to trade all the wasted white space for a larger font ?

Perhaps a single html document or something similar, where the reader can set the font size via styles, etc. to whatever is appropriate for them ?

Thanks in advance…

This may not be a great solution, but it solves my immediate problem…


Maybe somebody will come up with a better solution.


Bill Hernandez

Plano, Texas