Yii Groundwork

For several weeks now I've been working on an effective RBAC system. This is my progress so far. Current features are pretty basic. I'm going to keep it as clean and simple as possible without any extra pointless features.

Current Features: RBAC

Planned Features: Web Interface to manage permissions for users.


Credits are in the readme but the RBAC code comes (nearly unmodified) from http://www.yiiframew…opic,905.0.html.

ok ready for help…


ok ready for help..

Um, Help with what?

Quick update on progress, I'm currently working on moving it into a modular form which 'should' make it easier to install on existing projects.

about usability I think this is a best way…


the current way I have modified the original view, but still not yet usable.

Checking to see when you will be done with RBAC module. It sound like  a neat idea. I am wiling to help although I an new to Yii